Stakeholder Workshop Notices

Xổ số Cà MauPursuant to Government Code § 1346.45, the California Department of State Hospitals (DSH) invites public participation of those subject to DSH regulations in the preliminary development of DSH’s proposed regulation adoptions or amendments prior to the start of the formal regulatory process of promulgating regulations pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act. This effort seeks to improve the quality of our regulations governed by statutes passed by the California Legislature.

To receive DSH notices of workshops or solicitation for comments on preliminary regulation activities, please send your Name and Email address to

Submit comments on these DSH proposed regulations via emailXổ số Cà Mau or U.S. Mail, addressed to:

Regulations Unit
Department of State Hospitals
1600 9th Street, Room 410
Sacramento, CA 95814

Stakeholder Workshop Notices

Enhanced Treatment Program -

Posted August 14, 2018
Close of Public Comment Period: September 13, 2018


Draft Guidelines for Education and Training Standards of Court-Appointed Forensic Evaluators

Stakeholder Meeting, March 29, 2017

Assembly Bill 1962: Discussion and Development of Guidelines for Psychiatrists and Psychologists

Xổ số Cà MauThe following attachments are for the AB 1962 Stakeholder Meeting on March 29th, 2017 at 2:30-5PM.